Welcome to CreepCanSleep.com!

Hi, I'm Dierdre Barraza, & I'm the gal behind everything you'll see here! Growing up, I was taught individuality is a gift & was encouraged to always be myself. & so, all the work I create is a direct reflection of me; things I love, things I hate, sayings I come up with while staring into the abyss - I create art I get a kick out of hoping others will, too. When I'm not binge-watching 90s sitcoms, you can find me creating imagery for Shopbop/East Dane as a Product & Editorial Stylist. In my time off, I love hanging out with my husband Josh & our entourage of pets - Laney, Luna, Ludo, and Lucy (notice a theme?) I love horror movies and nostalgia, & I hope to someday encounter a UFO so I can meet Fox Mulder.